Best ways to shop on a budget 

* Avoid wasting money on stuff just because it’s cheap…

Cheap  clothes often spoil alot  faster  and most of the time  we don’t  need them.

I once bought a tank top for 400 Naira and didn’t ever wear it because  it washed off after the first wash.  I could have saved all that money  and spent it on a nice tank top..

* plan what you need before  you go  shopping .

Most people are soo Guilty of this.

Most times just going to the market  to get foodstuff you see a cloth you like and the next thing it’s  going  home with you.  You  could ofen end up not using  it too  .

Soon before  heading out you plan.

* do I need new pants

* what colour mixes well with the rest of my clothes…

Make a list just as u would for grocery shopping.

*  Buy brands you already  like.

Sometimes  clothes at certain  companies  look better on your body and fits with your  personality more than others.

* Do not dress  seasonally…

To save money on clothes  toss out  the fashion rule book your wardrobe shouldn’t rotate through the season.

There’s no reason why you can’t  T-shirt and jeans  work through  the  year  by adding on  a shedding layers to make sure your  comfy no matter the weather.

*  Don’t be afraid of previously used clothes…

Buying used clothes is a great way to save money,  sometimes you can find never worn clothes with their tags still on attached.

The fashion  world actually  calls it vintage  . So think of previously worn clothes as vintage.

* take care of your  clothes …

Make your  clothes  last as long as possible  by taking  good care of them.

Learn to read the washing  directions and  follow  it every  time you wash, this slows the wear and tear in clothes overtime.

Store clothes properly and learn some basic sewing  skills…


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